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Transgo Transmission Shift Kit

Customers nowadays want a seamless, durable, and efficient transmission all at the same time. We'd install an automatic transmission shift kit

What is A Transmission Shift Kit?

Customers nowadays want a seamless, durable, and efficient transmission all at the same time. We’d install an automatic transmission shift kit, which is often one of the most misunderstood upgrades in the automobile industry.

However, some individuals are unaware of the term “shift kit,” while others understand it but have no idea what it entails. An automatic transmission shift kit modifies shifting timing in order to improve gear engagement and transmission components’ durability.

This is good since automobile manufacturers’ engineers have been known to exaggerate shift overlap (a term used when there are two gears being implied at the same time) in order to improve shift smoothness. It was this excessively smooth, disconnected sensation that gave early automatic transmissions their name “slushbox.”

The longer shift overlap, on the other hand, generates a very smooth shift at the expense of transmission efficiency and durability since it makes the friction surfaces work overtime. The additional friction also produces excessive heat, which destroys seals and clutches as a result of being generated too quickly.

Shift kits for automatic transmissions can reduce overlapping times while also improving the shifting action. Shift kits enable you to utilize the latent energy normally converted into heat by slipping during long overlap for forwarding movement rather than just shifting, resulting in effective fuel efficiency within a city.

Transgo Transmission Shift Kit

The TransGo shift kit’s valve body repair kits are designed to fix rougher shifts and other problems that can cause transmissions to wear out sooner. After a TransGo kit has been installed, you may notice a more “progressive” shift feel. Progressive, which implies that the shift becomes firmer as you accelerate further for maximum durability.

Tire grip will also be determined by a number of other factors including vehicle weight, tire diameter, differential ratio, and engine torque.

Components of TransGo Shift Kit

Technicians at TransGo shift kit valve body repair kits combine new and re-engineered components, the majority of which are installed in the valve body, but sometimes the pump or even the gearbox.

Replacement valve body repair kits, on the other hand, address a variety of inherent flaws and weaknesses based on transmission type. Springs, check balls, valves, separator plates, gaskets, and other common parts are all part of a valve body repair kit.

Difference Between Transgo Shift Kit and Reprogramming Kit

The term “transmission overhaul” refers to the process of rebuilding a vehicle’s transmission, not just changing it. The shift kit and reprogramming kit are essentially identical. By redirecting the flow of fluid with the aid of springs, patterns, and ball bearings, the shift kit modifies the transfer pattern of the transmission.

Shift kits are popular, but some experts claim they’re a waste of money and that a transmission can be built to work better than one with a shift kit. TransGo is well-known and one of the best options available.

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