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B&M Transmission Shift Kit

A shift kit is a set of components that can be added to a car to improve how it shifts between gears.

A shift kit is a set of components that can be added to a car to improve how it shifts between gears. A shift kit is a package of parts that may be installed on a vehicle to enhance gear shifting performance. The strategy requires that you buy a new transmission to replace the one that is currently in your vehicle, but there are several different sorts of shift kits available.

Automatic Transmission Shift Kits

In cars with automatic transmissions, the gear shifting is automated. This makes driving less difficult but also relies on the vehicle’s original settings, which are not always as efficient or smooth as they might be. A shift kit for an automatic transmission improves the feel of shifts and extends the life of transmission by reducing wear.

A shift kit for an automatic transmission is designed to modify the transmission’s shift timing in order to increase shift firmness. A transmission with a lot of overlap, for example, maybe designed by one manufacturer to operate in two gears at once. This is intended to provide a smooth shift, but it also puts the friction surfaces under strain and degrades the transmission’s efficiency and lifespan.

A shift kit speeds up the shifts. The reduction in smoothness is slight, but it improves durability and fuel efficiency in most cars.

Manual Transmission Shift Kits

A shift kit for vehicles with manual gearboxes includes a replacement for the stock shifter. The length of the shift lever should be reduced to improve driver shifting time. This allows for quicker and more efficient gear changes. As a result, the driver has greater control over the shifting process.

B&M Shift Kit

The B&M Shift Improver kits include two ways to recalibrate your 1965 to 1987 GM TH400, TH475, and TH375 automatic transmissions. The first step in the installation procedure is to set up the special mounting bracket. The heavy-duty setup offers solid positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles. This is a fantastic choice for performance towing or street driving.

The alternative option is to utilize a street or strip layout. When utilizing this valve, you will be able to chirp the tires when shifting somewhat aggressively because it offers powerful, good changes. For street or strip use, or competitive events when you want the toughest, quickest shifts imaginable from a shift improver kit, this option is suggested.

B&M GM TH400

For Chevrolet applications, this GM TH-400 is a B&M Street or Strip automatic transmission with a large diameter bushing for use with a big yoke, ranging from 1 to 7/8 inches and 600 HP maximum. B&M’s Street or Strip transmission is a fully assembled, high-performance street and mild strip gearbox that can be found in most B&M models. A gearbox is a double-clutch unit with six forward speeds and one reverse. The transmission delivers firm shifts and has a standard shift pattern, which makes it ideal for street and strip driving.

The engine will be equipped with new B&M high-performance friction plates, a front pump that has been rebuilt using pressure regulator shims and springs by B&M, new and optimal friction plates by B&M, a roller clutch which is new and intermediate, and welded anchors for the kick down the band. It will also include a new case saver ring, all new thrust races and bearings, a fresh modulator that is adjustable, an updated external electric connection and kick down solenoid, as well as a valve body that has been recalibrated.

B&M GM TH375

The Transpak by B&M is an upgrade to the company’s shift Improver kit. All of the features of the Shift Improver Kit are included, plus enhanced manual control. Kit includes a B&M Transpak shift locker, Clutch Master Cylinder, and slave cylinder, and reverse gear lockout. Even if you hold the throttle open long enough, most conventional automatic transmissions will not be able to downshift above a speed such as 15 miles per hour. They will upshift automatically at a fixed speed in any case.

The Transpak can be used to downshift at any speed, and the gearbox may be kept in the very basic gear (first) to any desired velocity! This is useful if you have a modified engine and need more RPMs, or if you’re towing a caravan or carrying heavy loads downhill.

Stage 1 is for street rods, regular passenger cars, and other heavy-duty uses. The stiffer shift does not feel harsh. Transmission performance improves dramatically while improving life span by eliminating loss of comfort and enabling normal automatic operation in Drive.

Stage 2 is for high-performance street driving. It’s the same as Heavy Duty mode, with the exception that shifts are considerably quicker. Standard shift points and automatic functions are retained under the selector in Drive.

B&M GM TH475

Two methods to recalibrate your 1988 to 1994 GM TH475 and TH400 automatic transmissions are included in the B&M Shift Improver kits. The first is the heavyweight setup, which delivers solid positive shifts without compromising driver comfort for better performance in all streetcars. This is a fantastic alternative for high-performance street driving or towing.

The second option is to use a street or strip setup. This will provide you with strong, positive changes that you’ll be able to feel and the tires chirping when shifting somewhat aggressively. This option is best for high-performance street/strip use, or competitive events when you need the absolute quickest shifts possible from a shift improvement kit.

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