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4L60E Transmission Shift Kit

A shift kit might help your 4l60e transmission run more smoothly, but there are several things to think about before doing so.

A shift kit might help your 4l60e transmission run more smoothly, but there are several things to think about before doing so. When most people think of upgrading their 4l60e transmission, they imagine harsh and jerking changes. There are two main reasons why you should consider having a 4l60e shift kit installed. The first of these is purely aesthetic: it will improve the appearance and function of your vehicle, which is precisely what we’re aiming for! While this can be done if you want, the reality is that a 4l60e shift kit not only benefits

4L60E Shift Kit

Adding a shift kit to your 4l60e-equipped vehicle, truck, or SUV will help cure and enhance the sluggish shifting that the 4l60e is associated with within factory conditions. Shift kits that are installed correctly should make all shifts firmer and quicker without making it feel like you’ve been hit by a train. Similar to a Corvette Servo Upgrade, this might help your transmission last longer by reducing slip between shifts. This is especially advised for performance or towing situations.

Best 4L60E Shift Kit

There are several 4l60e shift kit choices because of how prevalent the 4l60e is and the popularity of retrofitting vintage vehicles with contemporary transmissions.

TransGo 4l60eHD2

TransGo is without a doubt the industry leader in shift kit technology, and justifiably so. Their equipment is of excellent quality and delivers dependable outcomes while remaining cost-effective. The bundle includes everything you’ll need for a few different transmission shift modifications, ranging from a more standard stock feel to what consumers might refer to as a race-oriented feel.

Sonnax 4L60E Performance Pack

The Sonnax Performance Pack (HP-4l60e-01) is a shift kit that doesn’t aim to give your car an immediate performance boost. It’s more of a shift improvement kit than a standard shift kit, though this does not make it any less effective. The Sonnax Performance Pack is an excellent add-on for any heavy-duty or performance vehicle. The components in the HP-4l60e-01 Performance Pack work together to optimize transmission line pressures, accumulator, and shift calibration.

Overall, the Sonnax Performance Pack is a fantastic way to improve the performance of your 4l60e while also obtaining quicker, more solid shifts under any load.

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